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Friday, November 28, 2014

Topics of Interest for this Time of Year

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Santa's 2014 Route though Tolland

Saturday Nov. 29 - Tolland Festival of Lights parade
Sunday Nov. 30 - South River Road / Kate Lane
Friday Dec. 5 - Cook Road, Sugar Hill Road
Saturday Dec. 6 - Tolland tree lighting
Sunday Dec. 7 - Gehring, Grant Hill, Goose Lane
Thursday Dec. 11 - Woodhenge, Marlboro glade, south river, Anderson, Goose ln, Patricia ln
Friday Dec. 12 - Old Post, Reed Road, Mile Hill
Saturday Dec. 13 - Make up night
Sunday Dec. 14 - Grahaber, Shenipsit Lake, Crystal Lake Road
Thursday Dec. 18 - Make up night
Friday Dec. 19 - Center of Tolland Town
Saturday Dec. 20 - Slater, Buff Cap, Old Stafford Road
Sunday Dec. 21 - SANTA AT THE FIREHOUSE! Visit Santa at 191 Merrow Road!

Santa will tour the streets of Tolland on Fri & Sat from Dark until 9:30 and Sunday, Dark until 9:00 sharp.

If you miss Santa or if Santa runs out of time when touring your neighborhood,
please come visit Santa at the Tolland Fire Training Center on December 21st!

* * * Winter 2014 * * *
Residents asked for assistance during snow storms
Wintertime Fire Safety Tips
Help! The Power is Out!
Frostbite and Hypothermia
Freezing Pipes
Cold Weather Safety
Pond, Lake, Stream and River Ice Conditions.
After a Frozen Pipe Bursts
Recognize and Treat Hypothermia 1
Recognize and Treat Hypothermia 2
Pets and Extreme Cold
Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

link to Tolland Fire Department support for youth with interest in firefighting