Blue Light Courtesy

What Are Those Blue Lights For?

As you are driving in suburban Connecticut or in similar areas in many other states you may encounter a typical looking family sedan, SUV or pick-up truck which is displaying a flashing blue light. Those blue lights identify the occupant of the vehicle as a volunteer firefighter or EMT who is responding to an emergency call. The vehicle with the flashing blue light may be driving directly to the scene of a fire, accident or illness, or it may be heading to a fire house or ambulance garage so that the volunteer can pick up needed emergency vehicles and equipment.

When volunteers in a fire department such as Tolland’s respond to emergencies in their private vehicles, normal traffic congestion on the way can delay them for valuable minutes. Connecticut law authorizes such volunteers to display flashing blue lights to alert other drivers on the road so that they can voluntarily yield the right-of-way and thus help the volunteers get to their destination safely and without undue delay.

Here’s what you can do!

If you are driving in Tolland or elsewhere and a vehicle with flashing blue lights is trying to pass you, please pull over in a safe spot and allow the volunteer a clear lane ahead. If you see a volunteer’s vehicle approaching from the opposite direction, you can still help by safely moving to the right to provide a clear lane as the volunteer’s vehicle passes. A few seconds of your time may be critical to the health or safety of one of your neighbors. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated by the men and women volunteers of the department.