Reflective Street Address Sign

Is Your House Number Visible At Night?

Many residents overlook the fact that ordinary street numbers attached to the front of a house are often impossible to see at night. This is true regardless of the season, but it becomes particularly critical in the fall and winter during shorter days. When daylight hours get shorter, and there is fog, rain or snow, locating a poorly marked residence from the street becomes much more difficult. Fire and emergency medical personnel cannot help you if they cannot locate your residence! Reflective house numbers allow first responders to identify your home quickly in emergencies, saving precious seconds.

The Tolland Fire Department, Inc. recommends that house numbers be prominently displayed on a mailbox post or in some other location which can easily be seen from the roadway when it is dark.

As a public service the Tolland Fire Department, Inc. is selling custom-made reflective house number signs. The signs measure 6 inches by 18 inches, and are constructed of sturdy metal. They are painted a bright reflective blue on both sides. House numbers of bright silver-white reflective material, which stand out both day and night, are affixed. The signs can be made for either horizontal or vertical installation, and have pre-drilled holes to make attachment to mail box posts or other objects easy. They make thoughtful gifts and can be ordered by residents of any town.

Because the reflective house number signs are custom-made, each must be ordered by filling out a special order form and submitting it with a check for $16.00 payable to The Tolland Fire Department, Inc. A Reflective Sign Order Form is available in ‘pdf’ format for downloading in the Forms section of this website. Completed signs are picked up in person at the Fire Training Center, 191 Merrow Road (across from Meeting House Commons) weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.