UCONN Student Volunteers

Student volunteering for Tolland Fire Info

We extend a warm welcome to UCONN students as you make your way back to campus! If you’re interested in student volunteering for Tolland Fire, click below to apply! We offer practical EMS experience in a relaxed, professional environment. Better yourself – Better your community – VOLUNTEER TODAY!

Tolland Fire Welcomes UCONN Students

Tolland Fire department welcomes all student volunteers from the University of Connecticut. With over 1500 calls a year and almost 65% of those being EMS, we offer students practical experience with both professional and volunteer Fire and EMS personnel. Tolland Fire offers one of the best volunteer training and mentorship programs in the area. We regularly reinforce proper use of equipment, appropriate professional acumen and supervised experience operating in the Connecticut Emergency Services sector. Some important things to consider before applying:

  • Students must have a clean criminal record with a valid drivers license, a vehicle and insurance
  • Students must already possess a valid CT EMT license -OR- a valid NREMT for transfer
  • Students must participate in all TFD training (Monday nights)
  • Students must be comfortable participating in an EMS duty schedule (6 hour shifts)
  • Students must stay in town during duty shifts (or in one of our firehouses)