Tolland Telephone Directory

About Our Community Telephone Directory

Each fall the volunteers of The Tolland Fire Department, Inc. prepare and distribute their Community Telephone Directory. The directory contains the telephone listings of local businesses, and useful ads from local merchants and supporters of the department. More than 5000 books are distributed without charge to each residence and business in Tolland just before the Thanksgiving Holiday.

You may have noticed that the 2020 Tolland Fire Department Directory is a bit smaller this year. This year we made the difficult decision to remove the residential listings from the directory. We know there are residents and businesses who use those listings, and also many residents who diligently reported updates to us every year. Unfortunately, after years of having no true source for phone numbers as well as the migration from standard landlines to cell, cable, and VoIP services, we found ourselves in an untenable position. We have no ability to reconcile the listings to a source of truth. While many of you were diligent in providing us changes, additions, or deletions, we know that there were many listings that were outdated and would stay outdated in perpetuity. We sincerely appreciate your support and our local businesses support; we couldn’t be the Tolland Fire Department without it. We will continue to explore options for the future.

To Obtain a Copy

Copies of the Community Telephone Directory are mailed to each residence and business in town just before Thanksgiving. Additional copies are available throughout the year at the Tolland Fire Training Center, 191 Merrow Road weekdays between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Should Your Business Advertise in the Directory?

Because the Community Telephone Directory reaches every residence in Tolland just before the Holiday Season, and remains in constant use throughout the entire year, it is a valuable way to reach the Tolland market. Ads are solicited from local businesses in August and September of each year.

  • If you are a current advertiser you will receive an order form by mail at the end of July. Ads must be ordered and fully paid for by the last Friday in September.
  • If you are a potential new advertiser, please e-mail us at,
    DOWNLOAD THE ORDER FORM from this website or write to us at Phonebook, The Tolland Fire Department, Inc., P.O. Box 827, Tolland, CT 06084, so that we may add you to our mailing list, send you an order form and rate schedule, and answer any questions that you may have. Ads must be ordered and fully paid for by the last Friday in September.